Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Kid

Oh yeah, this kid...this kid loves to jump, and explore, and learn, and understand. He asks 1000 questions every day. I don't know the answer to 500 of them. This kid has a smile that forgives a 100 sins. And a grin that gives away his every misstep. This kid gives me yellow weeds and begs that I put them in my hair -- which I do. He thinks they are diamonds -- and they are. This kid is often hungry. Even though I feed him 6 times a day. This kid eats tomatoes and carrots and apples. He also eats chocolate and cheese and fruit snacks. This kid wears size 12 shoes and knows his left from his right -- most of the time. This kid just learned how to chew bubble gum. This kid has a laugh that would melt your heart, and a cry that will drive you to tears. This kid can take a fall, but is afraid of flies. This kid loves bunnies and flowers and ladybugs. He also loves monster trucks, squishing bugs, and dirt. This kid does not like his hands to get too messy. This kid does not like going to bed, but will sleep like a bear almost as soon as his head hits the pillow. This kid is my son. My son. And I love him. To the moon and back.


Joey_Veltkamp said...

you and shawn are the BEST parents!

Tales from the Crib said...

Ack, remind me of that when I'm yelling at them to brush their teeth already!!! :-) You're sweet Joey.