Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

For today's vintage Wednesday photo, I present our friends Sarah and David -- taken back in 2002 at our annual Christmas brunch in Seattle. These two crazy kids were the very first friends I made in Seattle. Had David not taken Sarah to a concert at the Gorge, then I never would have filled in as her temp at Sequent Computer Systems, and then I would have had a very different experience my first two years in Seattle. I made most of my incredible friends via that job, so I owe them a lot. A lot! Plus we had some crazy fun times back in the day!

I post this picture today because Sarah and David have just returned from almost two years spent abroad, traveling the world. Yes, two years! And they are now driving from NY to WA to return to their home in Seattle. Which they haven't seen in two years. Have I mentioned that? In the process they are stopping by to stay with us for awhile, and check out life in the 'burbs. They arrive this evening and we are so excited to see them and hear all about their adventures. Jackson is excited to read his current favorite book - "No David, No!" - to Dave. He thinks that is a riot.

Welcome home you guys!

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