Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vintage Wednesday...first day of school today!

*Update - my ploy worked, Shawn uploaded all my photos early this morning. I love that man. And instead of J's first day of school last year, for my vintage photo, how about his first day of daycare "school" 4 years ago! Here he is the day we got him ready to be dropped off at Ms. Sharon's "Teddybear Lane Daycare" for the first time. I'm cracking up that I actually dressed him in "school clothes" at the age of 4 months. I wouldn't be surprised if Sharon put him into his spare pair of jammies as soon as we arrived! Daycare for our boy lasted until the age of 11 months, and then I couldn't take it anymore. As wonderful as Ms. Sharon was, she wasn't me and I wanted to be with my son. That was our catalyst for moving to Colorado. And here we are now, preparing for Pre-Kindergarten under the Colorado sun.

I can't do a vintage shot today because hubby reconfigured our computer and hasn't moved my old pics over yet...that's my big fat hint to him to get on that ;-)

But today IS a big day in our house. Jackson starts Pre-Kindergarten today! My original plan for vintage Wednesday was to post his picture from last year, when he started Preschool - but I linked to it instead. As soon as I can I will of course post some pictures of today's adventure as well!

Dear Jackson,
Today you begin a new school year. Pre-Kindergarten! It feels like it was just yesterday that I discovered you were on your way (it was in fact 5 years ago), but here you are ready to begin your second year of your educational career! It isn't quite as nerve wracking as last year, when it was all brand new. You are an old pro at this school thing by now. You have a new teacher this year, Ms. Char, and her assistant, Ms. Alicia. Your classroom, however, is the same room as last year, so I hope that will give you a sense of comfort and security as you start the year out. We discovered at your open house last week that your best school pal, Avery, is in your class again this year, and you two will surely be thick as thieves once again. There are 3 (count 'em!) Jacksons' in your class, so that will be a source of confusion for all of you, but Ms. Char is going to call you Jackson S. so that you won't be too confused. "Jackson" - so it seems- was a very popular name in 2004...and '05, and '06, and '07... Your Dad and I have good taste I suppose! You will go to school 3 days a week now instead of just 2 -- I think you will really dig that! You will attend from 12:30-3:15, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I promise to be there the minute Ms. Char dismisses you, with a big smile on my face, ready to hear all about what you learned that day!

Oh Jackson, and learn you will! This year you begin a new program called "Zoophonics" which will surely accelerate your reading skills (which are already pretty darn good if you ask me!). In addition, Ms. Char will do lots of arts and crafts and stories and number play and so much more. You will make lots of new friends and learn lots of new things. Remember to share. Remember to say thank you. Remember to just be you - because you are such a very special, awesome kid. I know you are going to just love it. You love learning. You love being busy. You love being around other kids. School is so for you. I can't wait. I know you can't either.

As I will every day that I send you off to school -- from now through college -- I send you off today with a piece of my heart and all my love. If you find you need a little comfort while we are apart, simply unzip the small wheel pocket on your "Lightening McQueen" backpack, and you will find a small silvery heart with your initial embroidered on it. I made that heart just for you to remind you that I'm always with you.

Daddy and I love you big guy, and we are super proud of you. We hope you have a great first day of Pre-Kindergarten today. We can't wait to hear all about it.


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