Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Halloween today! Shawn and I will be taking Wall-E and the (slightly ailing) Itsy Bitsy Spider trick or treating. I can't wait. Jackson went as a fireman to his school party, and will make a dramatic costume change for tonight's festivities. Pictures to come....


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Falling

I did my first "real" photoshoot last week. I honestly am not thrilled with how the pictures turned out, my fault 100%. I should have started earlier when the light was better. As it was, the sun was starting to set and the lighting was very "cold." I'm such a lover of natural light in photographs, and haven't really learned a whole lot about the use of flash. I don't like flash photography because it washes out expressions and facial features. So I started my session with the Dinkins' family a little too late, and as a result, my pictures were a bit too dark. But the subjects themselves, well, they were gorgeous, and so much fun! I hope I'll get a chance to take some more pictures of them soon. I'll schedule it earlier than I did this one! (And watch out, Kyra was loving my camera, so I may have her shots up on my site before too long. And there may even be a chance to bid on her photos at the benefit we are putting together. Stay tuned!)

Kyra in the fall leaves.
The Dinkins Family
Kyra and her Daddy
Matthew and Kyra, best buds

Don't forget to check out Kyra's website at!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Since my 2nd baby just turned two, I'm nostalgic for when my 1st baby turned two. It feels like it was just yesterday. But alas, it has been 2.5 years now.

Jackson, 2nd birthday party, 2006

As a side note, the first time I felt Holden move in my tummy was on this day. I had eaten probably 5 cupcakes. I was sitting on the couch, relaxing after the birthday craziness, and I felt a very distinct THUD hit my tummy. I actually yelped out loud, it shocked me so much. I was only 15 weeks along. But there was no mistaking it, my baby boy was giving me my first "howdy-do mama!" What a great memory to tie into this day. Oh yes, and I started my blog just shortly after Jackson's 2nd birthday. Hard to believe I've kept it going for so long.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Terrible Two's

I'm starting to think that at 7:13 PM, on the night he turned two, the exact moment actually, my son picked up a book entitled "How To Be A Terrible Two" and has been following it to the letter every since. His tantrums over the past 2 days have been inexplicable. He's cranky and snarky and even swatted at me yesterday. He yelps and screeches and refuses to listen. This is NOT my mild mannered, easy going baby. My baby who must have read the baby books on how to be a perfect baby, has now moved onto reading "terrible two's" books and is following them to a t. And this mama, used to her easy going son, is NOT liking it. Not one little bit.

But alas, I did go through the "two's" with the most independent, stubborn kid on the planet, already, so I'm on guard and ready to do battle. I'm just trying to keep it far, far in the back of my head how very much worse the "three's" are versus the "two's." Thank heavens they are so adorably cute.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday Boy - 2!
Art supplies at the ready - birthday morning
A boy and his art

Big brother, totally not jealous in the least of all the presents his brother has received (luckily his grandparents made up for it with pressies of his own!)

Playing with new Thomas trains with Daddy
Aprons at the ready - this is gonna be a "dress for mess" kind of party!
Waiting for their friends to arrive
Macy (aka Mimi)
The artists at work
Lisa and Allie (aka Holden's future bride)
More art work: Andrew, Lily, Charlotte and Macy
Kyra hearts art!
Matthew and Candi surveying the mayhem
Chase, pacifying my request for a photo
A finished art box
No tears over spilled sprinkles!
Mommies working hard
Daddies, eating hard
The birthday boy, and his plain, iced cupcake - a purist at heartMore cupcake decorating - Andrew, Aiden, Jack, Macy, Kyra
Lily and her creation

3 awesome friends - Drew, Charlotte, Lily

All of our buddies from the party:
(top left to right): Keegan, Chase, Jack, Aiden, Holden, Jackson George, Allie, Jackson James
(bottom left to right): Matthew, Lily, Drew, Charlotte, Kyra, Macy
(Marcus and Tripp were too busy to pose!)
Carissa and Tripp (aka mini-me)
Drew, Aiden, Jack, Macy, Kyra - YUM!
Jackson George explains his decorating techniques

Some pictures from Holden's birthday party yesterday. The day turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day (a far cry from the snow storm that blew in the day H was born 2 years ago!). We had 17 kiddos and all their mommies and daddies, plus both grandmas, in attendance. It was definitely a full house. But such fun. There was lots of yelling and running and screaming and squealing, and surprisingly few tears. The kiddos got to decorate craft boxes and well as their very own cupcakes. Messes ensued. It was awesome. Shawn and I were both pleased with how much fun the day turned out to be. And the birthday boy, well, he took it all in stride, just like he always does, and passed out from exhaustion by 7:30.

Thanks to all of our fun friends who made it to the birthday party. It was so much fun celebrating with each of you. And a special thanks to Grammy and Nana for making the day extra special with your presence (and presents!). Happiness all around.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two: Part II

Yep, he's officially two. Are you kidding me with that face?!? Oh boy, I love this kid.

More pictures to come. Happy Birthday baby.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dear Holden,
Oh my, how is it that you are two? Two years old! I don't know where the time has gone since you came into our lives, but I do know it has passed by in a blink. A blink of your gorgeous brown eyes, so full of soul and love and all things artistic. You have brought such joy to our lives in the past two years. You were meant for us, that I know is true. I love how you call out for me in the mornings, full of dewy sleep and flushed cheeks, and you wrap your tiny arms around my neck to lift you from your crib. I love how you squeal out "Daddy!" as soon as you hear the garage door open in the late afternoon, and run to greet him at the back door. I love how you ask to kiss and snuggle with your brother before your nap time. I love how you adore drawing and coloring. And how circles are your current favorite obsession. I love your smile. I love your belly. I love your laugh. I love that you are so full of life and so full of happiness. I hope we, as a family, will always make you this happy. A day doesn't pass that a stranger doesn't comment on how cute and sweet you are. I couldn't agree more. Your disposition is sunny. I love how happy you make me.

I relive your birth often, Holden, as much as I can remember. As I've said before, and probably will continue to tell you for years to come, Daddy and I weren't "present" for your birth. Obviously I was there, but I was not conscious. Your Daddy wasn't allowed in the hospital room at all. It was quick and frightening and thankfully over in a blink, and I won't allow you to scare me like that ever again - do you hear me young man?! But you arrived, safely, and from that moment on you have snuggled up into our hearts and set up camp. Staring at you in the hospital I remember being in awe and your calm and your presence. You were ours, at last.

Lately my sweet I see signs of "two" a com'n. A tantrum here or there. A mimic of the fits your big brother throws with such aplomb. A pout or a screech. But since I've gone through it before, I'm onto you big guy! So reel it in 'cause Mama's ready for what you have to throw my way. But more than anything, as you enter into what is, in essence, your third year of life, I hope you will continue to maintain that wonderful YOU that you are. Happy. Sweet. Calm. Full of life and spunk and happiness. We love you (baby) boy. I hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for us.


In my tummy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall in Colorado

We went up to Evergreen this past weekend. A sort of last hurrah into fall before the snow begins. It was gorgeous up there. I wish I could take all my pictures up there. Just stunning.