Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday Boy - 2!
Art supplies at the ready - birthday morning
A boy and his art

Big brother, totally not jealous in the least of all the presents his brother has received (luckily his grandparents made up for it with pressies of his own!)

Playing with new Thomas trains with Daddy
Aprons at the ready - this is gonna be a "dress for mess" kind of party!
Waiting for their friends to arrive
Macy (aka Mimi)
The artists at work
Lisa and Allie (aka Holden's future bride)
More art work: Andrew, Lily, Charlotte and Macy
Kyra hearts art!
Matthew and Candi surveying the mayhem
Chase, pacifying my request for a photo
A finished art box
No tears over spilled sprinkles!
Mommies working hard
Daddies, eating hard
The birthday boy, and his plain, iced cupcake - a purist at heartMore cupcake decorating - Andrew, Aiden, Jack, Macy, Kyra
Lily and her creation

3 awesome friends - Drew, Charlotte, Lily

All of our buddies from the party:
(top left to right): Keegan, Chase, Jack, Aiden, Holden, Jackson George, Allie, Jackson James
(bottom left to right): Matthew, Lily, Drew, Charlotte, Kyra, Macy
(Marcus and Tripp were too busy to pose!)
Carissa and Tripp (aka mini-me)
Drew, Aiden, Jack, Macy, Kyra - YUM!
Jackson George explains his decorating techniques

Some pictures from Holden's birthday party yesterday. The day turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day (a far cry from the snow storm that blew in the day H was born 2 years ago!). We had 17 kiddos and all their mommies and daddies, plus both grandmas, in attendance. It was definitely a full house. But such fun. There was lots of yelling and running and screaming and squealing, and surprisingly few tears. The kiddos got to decorate craft boxes and well as their very own cupcakes. Messes ensued. It was awesome. Shawn and I were both pleased with how much fun the day turned out to be. And the birthday boy, well, he took it all in stride, just like he always does, and passed out from exhaustion by 7:30.

Thanks to all of our fun friends who made it to the birthday party. It was so much fun celebrating with each of you. And a special thanks to Grammy and Nana for making the day extra special with your presence (and presents!). Happiness all around.


Sarah said...

this child is so deliciously beautiful! did you make all those aprons??!! i'm am super impressed and in awe, as usual ;-)

Debbie said...

Looks like Holden had a great day and everyone had great fun! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Emily sure will enjoy looking them over and over again. Miss ya'll