Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Falling

I did my first "real" photoshoot last week. I honestly am not thrilled with how the pictures turned out, my fault 100%. I should have started earlier when the light was better. As it was, the sun was starting to set and the lighting was very "cold." I'm such a lover of natural light in photographs, and haven't really learned a whole lot about the use of flash. I don't like flash photography because it washes out expressions and facial features. So I started my session with the Dinkins' family a little too late, and as a result, my pictures were a bit too dark. But the subjects themselves, well, they were gorgeous, and so much fun! I hope I'll get a chance to take some more pictures of them soon. I'll schedule it earlier than I did this one! (And watch out, Kyra was loving my camera, so I may have her shots up on my site before too long. And there may even be a chance to bid on her photos at the benefit we are putting together. Stay tuned!)

Kyra in the fall leaves.
The Dinkins Family
Kyra and her Daddy
Matthew and Kyra, best buds

Don't forget to check out Kyra's website at!

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Debbie said...

These pictures are great!