Sunday, October 05, 2008

Garages and Lemonade

This past weekend we held our first ever Garage Sale. Shawn and I have been saying we should have a garage sale for as long as we have had a garage -- about 7 years now. We have accumulated a world of "stuff" in the past 9 years together. Add two kiddos to the mix (and a house without a basement) and you reallllly have a lot of stuff. Funny, when I moved to Seattle 11 years ago I went with 3 suitcases - that is it. Shawn moved to Seattle 12 years ago and had only his dead-sexy Chevy Lumina, packed up with all his worldly possessions. Neither of us had any furniture. Or dishes. Or decorative pillows. Or even a can opener. And somehow we have accumulated a house overflowing with stuff. So a garage sale was held. And success was found. We sold most of our baby stuff (I didn't even cry as someone wheeled my Graco away), a great deal of excess kitchen and household items, and a few mismatched toys to boot.

The boys had fun hanging out all day with Mom and Dad in the front yard(Shawn had Friday off from work). Daddy even got to take Jackson to school on Friday after we closed the sale down. But more importantly Jackson held his first ever lemonade stand during the sale! I'm kicking myself a thousand times over for not taking pictures. Too busy selling to snap. But Jack made his own sign and helped me make the lemonade. He poured each cup himself and made change as well. The neighbors all came out to buy a cup. And even a few of the browsers partook. He was so very proud of himself and his selling techniques. I think his mama's marketing background is rubbing off on him!

Odd thing - someone stole a $1 nutcracker from the sale. Of all things. A nutcracker! Weird!

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