Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy 3x Birthday, Honey!

(I'll let everyone guess what the 'x' in '3x' represents)

Shawn here, Amy's super-sexy husband. I'm not a regular blogger. In fact, this is the first blog entry I've ever posted. I figure Amy's birthday not only presents an opportunity I can use to start my blogging career, it also presents a great opportunity to let her readers know what a great wife and mother she is. Amy is always blogging about how great her family is (thanks, honey). But she never blogs about how great she is (I guess that would be slightly narcissistic). I'd like to tell everyone that the kids and I think she is amazing.

Amy has one of the toughest jobs around - stay-at-home mom. She not only does her job well, she excels at it. My job is easy...I can surf the web when I want, I can go for a walk when I want, I can go to the bathroom when I want, I can go out to lunch when I want, and the list goes on. I can even zone out when I want. And I can do all those things at my own leisurely (i.e. lazy) pace. Amy has to plan these things in advance. There's no spontaneity. And when she can do any of these things, the kids are always around. That's not inherently bad, but she never gets any time to herself. And she never complains about it.

Amy does everything she can to be sure our kids are safe, happy, and healthy. And she does it with little regard to her own needs. She is truly selfless. On the rare occasion she has down time, she doesn't take a nap (though I wish she would). No. She imagines new craft ideas for the kids. Or she plans our grocery list for the week. Or she cleans the house. Or she writes a flattering blog entry about the rest of her family. Or she gets Jackson's pre-K supplies ready. Or she tries to get Holden to eat just a few more vegetables. Or she quickly prepares and eats a less than exciting lunch so she can get back to her job. Or she does the laundry. Or she packs all of the kids' and my stuff so we can go on a fun weekend trip. Or she does the dishes. Or she cooks meals for the kids and me. Or she redecorates a room in the house. And she never complains about it.

I'm lucky to have Amy as my wife, and the kids are lucky to have her as their mother. I love you honey. Happy 3x birthday!


Tales from the Crib said...

Ahh, I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you for the blog post honey -- and the cookbook, and the Lucy card, and the hydrangea, and the coffee, and the cards, and just for being you. I love you! (ok, schmaltz fest over)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Have a great day!

ECHeasley said...

Hippy Birdy!

Joey_Veltkamp said...

ah, that is sooo sweet. that shawn!