Sunday, October 19, 2008

The One That Got Away

I didn't include the original of this picture of my sweet friend Macy in yesterday's post because it is not my finest in photography - blurry, lots of distraction, dark. Blech. But I played around with some editing and ended up with this as the result. I emailed it to Emily who loved it. So I told her well heck, I'm gonna blog it after all. This is Macy, pure and simple. She is sassy and fun, and really knows how to rock a tu-tu!


In a side note, today we ventured to Evergreen to capture the fall changing of the trees. Those leaves are flirty and brash if you ask me! I'm hoping I got some decent shots I can post later this week. If I can find the time!

Lots going on here in our house right now, and I can't seem to find the time to blog or edit photos. Next week is little man's 2nd birthday (SOB!! He's two!??!) so I'm in full birthday planning mode. Um, and by that I mean that of course I have gone overboard as usual. 22 kiddos (though in my defense, several of them are babies so I don't really count them since they don't eat cake!) will descend on our house next Saturday at 3:00. We have cupcake decorating planned, and decorate your own box to carry your extra cupcake home in. So this evening I assembled 2 dozen Chinese take out boxes that were NOT assembly friendly. I had to pull out the hot glue gun for that one. And tomorrow I paint names on aprons. As I said, I tend to go overboard on these things. But I do love a good birthday, so bring it on!

After H's birthday is of course, Halloween. As a holiday, Halloween never topped my list as one of my faves once I hit about the age of 14 and couldn't trick or treat any longer. Maybe because I was into the theatre scene for so long and dressing up wasn't a big thrill since I did it all the time. BUT now that I have kiddos, I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I love the decorations, the costumes (homemade if we can swing it!), the fall-ness of it all, and then of course, the candy! Oh boy, the candy... The neighborhood is also so much fun during this season. We've got a pre-trick-or-treating pizza party for all the kiddos in the works. I mean, I brag about how awesome my 'hood is just about every day, so you can imagine how rock'n Halloween is in these parts!

The weekend following Halloween, Shawn and I leave for Las Vegas! Woo-hoo!! Our first grown up trip sans children since, well, we had children! We are so excited. I have the cutest, sassiest Betsey Johnson dress that sparkles like pink cotton candy when I twirl. I can't wait to wear it. My hubby has some saucy duds as well, and I do love my guy all dressed up with some place to go! Vegas baby, Vegas!

And finally, and most importantly , the BIG BIG project I am working right now is a mega fundraiser to help my sweet friend Kyra who is 5 years old and was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. I don't know how many folks actually read my blog, but I hope you will check back soon to find out how YOU can help give hope for Kyra. Stay tuned!!

So that's what's going on here. Lots and lots and lots. Ah yes, the quiet life of a suburban, stay-at-home-mama.

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Heidi James said...

I'd love to help out Kyra in any way I can. Please let me know how I can help.