Monday, October 27, 2008

Terrible Two's

I'm starting to think that at 7:13 PM, on the night he turned two, the exact moment actually, my son picked up a book entitled "How To Be A Terrible Two" and has been following it to the letter every since. His tantrums over the past 2 days have been inexplicable. He's cranky and snarky and even swatted at me yesterday. He yelps and screeches and refuses to listen. This is NOT my mild mannered, easy going baby. My baby who must have read the baby books on how to be a perfect baby, has now moved onto reading "terrible two's" books and is following them to a t. And this mama, used to her easy going son, is NOT liking it. Not one little bit.

But alas, I did go through the "two's" with the most independent, stubborn kid on the planet, already, so I'm on guard and ready to do battle. I'm just trying to keep it far, far in the back of my head how very much worse the "three's" are versus the "two's." Thank heavens they are so adorably cute.


Katie said...

What a look he's giving you! He so reminds me of my Owen, just a few months older. Owen has been pulling the "two" behavior out the last few weeks, like throwing himself on the floor, swatting back at mommy when she takes away what he's not supposed to have, etc. And he won't be two until January! He's still my sweetheart, but I see those little horns holding the halo up more often now, which makes me wonder how the next 1-2 years will turn out with 2 independent & active boys!

OP said...

Holden is getting old and cranky like his OP!!

Karla said...

He is a cutie! Good luck with the terrible two's!

CharleyJax said...

I'm so glad to hear you say this! I was wondering if it was just my imagination. Good to know C&J's triplet is in line with them, too. (Too bad the line doesn't face in an "easier" direction.)

Debbie said...

What a look!
Oh, you think the 2's are bad and the 3's are worse just wait until their 12 going on 16! Love ya'll!