Thursday, October 23, 2008


Dear Holden,
Oh my, how is it that you are two? Two years old! I don't know where the time has gone since you came into our lives, but I do know it has passed by in a blink. A blink of your gorgeous brown eyes, so full of soul and love and all things artistic. You have brought such joy to our lives in the past two years. You were meant for us, that I know is true. I love how you call out for me in the mornings, full of dewy sleep and flushed cheeks, and you wrap your tiny arms around my neck to lift you from your crib. I love how you squeal out "Daddy!" as soon as you hear the garage door open in the late afternoon, and run to greet him at the back door. I love how you ask to kiss and snuggle with your brother before your nap time. I love how you adore drawing and coloring. And how circles are your current favorite obsession. I love your smile. I love your belly. I love your laugh. I love that you are so full of life and so full of happiness. I hope we, as a family, will always make you this happy. A day doesn't pass that a stranger doesn't comment on how cute and sweet you are. I couldn't agree more. Your disposition is sunny. I love how happy you make me.

I relive your birth often, Holden, as much as I can remember. As I've said before, and probably will continue to tell you for years to come, Daddy and I weren't "present" for your birth. Obviously I was there, but I was not conscious. Your Daddy wasn't allowed in the hospital room at all. It was quick and frightening and thankfully over in a blink, and I won't allow you to scare me like that ever again - do you hear me young man?! But you arrived, safely, and from that moment on you have snuggled up into our hearts and set up camp. Staring at you in the hospital I remember being in awe and your calm and your presence. You were ours, at last.

Lately my sweet I see signs of "two" a com'n. A tantrum here or there. A mimic of the fits your big brother throws with such aplomb. A pout or a screech. But since I've gone through it before, I'm onto you big guy! So reel it in 'cause Mama's ready for what you have to throw my way. But more than anything, as you enter into what is, in essence, your third year of life, I hope you will continue to maintain that wonderful YOU that you are. Happy. Sweet. Calm. Full of life and spunk and happiness. We love you (baby) boy. I hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for us.


In my tummy


Daisie said...

I linked back and read the tale of Holden's arrival, it made me cry, what a wonderful, strong woman you are!
Happy Birthday Holden!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Holden!!!
We love you,
Aunt Debbie, Uncle Ed, Allison, Micaela, and Emily

jimbroome said...

Everyone must have had a ball. Wished we could have been there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLDEN!

ECHeasley said...

Happy Birthday little man!