Sunday, November 02, 2008


Favorite Color - Red

Favorite Food - Fish Sticks (and hot dogs)

Favorite thing to play - Cars and Trucks and Bulldozers

Best Friend - Jackson George, and Avery, too

Favorite Drink - milk

Favorite Snack - Cookies and Fruit

Favorite Time of the Day - 100

Favorite Outside Play - Ride my bike

Favorite Music - Jack Johnson and Laurie Berkner

Favorite Holiday - Halloween, and Christmas, and Birthdays!

Favorite Movie - Star Wars (note from Mom: he just saw this movie for the first time this week!)

Favorite TV Show - Sid the Science Kid

Favorite Shirt - Lightening McQueen

Favorite Jammies - Batman and Spiderman

Favorite Book - Lightening McQueen

Favorite GeoTrax - Eric and Aero

Favorite Sport - I don't know

Favorite Instrument - Guitar

Favorite Animal -Giraffe, and Elephants! I like Elephants!

Tennis Shoes or Hiking Shoes - Hiking Shoes

Shorts or Jeans - Jeans

Bulldozer or Excavator - Excavator, because they are so cool!

What is on your Christmas list? A new GeoTrax train and track

Who do you love - Avery and Jackson George and Chase

"OK, that's enough guessing..."

1 comment:

Nadine said...

I would also select hiking shoes over tennis shoes.