Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farewell to Bob

My boys love all things related to Bob the Builder. The machines named for the job they do - Lofty, Scoop, Roley, as well as Wendy, Bob's assistant, who secretly harbors a crush on Bob (see the Line Dancing episode and you'll see her crushing big time) and of course Bob himself - master builder, carpenter and Bob of all trades. He is a big hit in our house. And I had to throw him away today.

For Christmas 3 years ago Grammy gave Jackson the awesomest talking and singing Bob doll. He even dances. The boys have a lot of BTB toys and videos, but this talking /singing/dancing wonder has been tops, providing lots of laughter and spontaneous dancing and singing whenever he is turned on. But he slowly started running down a few months ago. We tried changing batteries to no avail. He was dying a slow, painful death. His version of "All Star" came out sounding like a demonic nightmare Bob. So he has sat on a shelf, not working, taking up valuable toy space, and disappointing the boys each time they pull him down from his shelf alongside teddy bears and Tad from Leapfrog and other various "friends," and they push down on his tool belt only to have the cruel reminder that singing/talking/dancing Bob has been replaced by demonic, geriatric looking Bob who barely warbles even a line of his infamous song. And they are then sad and in need of redirection to forget that their beloved Bob no longer has any life left in him.

Just this weekend we tried one last time to breath life back into Bob again. One more shot with fresh batteries. A jiggle here and there to try and get him back into "Yes we can!" shape. But nothing. He doesn't have a note or a move left in him. He is done for.

Seeing that toy space is at a premium in a house with very little storage room, I've been torn with what to do with Bob. I could put him back on his happy little shelf, but that would just bring sadness when the boys pull him down forgetting he doesn't work. I could store him in the crawl space, but would good would that do except take up even more room? I could donate him, but then some other child would be just as disappointed in the non-working-dancing-singing-talking Bob doll. So while cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I tossed him the garbage. The big garbage, in the garage, so the boys wouldn't see. That's is where I toss stale art projects as well (sorry boys!!), so that someone doesn't see them in the recycle bin and wonder why their masterpiece is being thrown out. But that is a guilt, er, I mean, story, for another day.

Twice now I've considered rescuing Bob. I feel guilty throwing away a beloved friend, and filling the landfills with yet another broken toy. But I have stayed my ground. Bob is gone. If the boys ask, I will tell them Bob had work to do in New Guinea or something like that. Then we can pull out a map and focus on New Guinea rather than the fate of Bob the Builder.

Bob the Builder. Beloved friend. We will miss you.

The Day Bob came to live with us - December 2005

Bob-squared, Halloween 2006

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Terri said...

LOL! Apparently Bob has joined the Peace Corps. :-)