Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday catch up

It is snowing today. It is lovely and white and fluffy. It started Friday evening and has come and gone intermittently. The boys played in it with Daddy yesterday while I finished holiday decorating. I admit I restrained myself a bit this year - just too busy to go into the full glory that my baby sister Kimi undoubtedly does (though her life/schedule seems far busier than mine does with work and school!)! Plus I knew tiny fingers would be tempted to pull the lot down as soon as my back was turned. Though I admit thus far they have been really good about admiring and not touching (too much). Jackson has commented several times now how "beautiful!" it all is. I will also add that the boys helped with the tree for a good 6 minutes. It was a glorious but brief Norman Rockwell moment. Then they begged me to turn off the holiday tunes and crank up the "Sleeping Beauty" DVD. I obliged.

Oh yes, and one final holiday decorating note: I succumbed to a fake Christmas tree this year. We are truly, truly suburbanites now! I feel guilty for this. I vowed as an adult that I would always have a real Christmas tree. I love the smell and look of a real tree, and I've actually read it is environmentally responsible buying a real tree since more trees get planted for each tree cut down, and tree farms grow them for that specific reason. But now I understand the "beauty" of a fake tree -- you buy it once, it lasts forever; considerably less mess; no need to figure out how to recycle it after the New Year; and most importantly - pre-lit! So our lovely 7.5 foot, pre-lit pine sits in our family room, decorated to the hilt in sparkly silver and red, and I have a pine candle burning to affect the smell of a real tree. It'll do.

Ah yes, lest I forget, Thanksgiving was lovely. We went to Aunt Janis and Uncle Al's house in Roxborough Park for the afternoon. Nana was there as well. The boys had the run of the house, and I'm sure there was more squealing and laughter and stomping feet than that house has had in a long while. The boys were on very good behaviour, fueled I'm sure by matchbox cars and new Superman jammies from Nana. The meal was delicious, the company was relaxed and enjoyable, and the views from their house were spectacular. We even had 3 deer visit on the deck for a drink from the birdbath. Much to be thankful for this year, to be certain.

And finally, today Jackson and I are going to see The Nutcracker Ballet for the first time. I'm excited for him to take it all in. It should be a very child-friendly ballet, and I think the music and costumes and dancing will entrance him as much as it will me. I only wish we weren't being blanketed with snow right this minute because I do NOT like driving on snow. Plus we can't take the train as planned since the walk to the theater from the station would be too long and cold. But I'm so looking forward to seeing how he reacts to it all. Plus there is a promise of hot chocolate before the show begins. Can't beat that!

Let the Holiday season begin!

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