Thursday, November 06, 2008

Las Vegas Bound

Shawn and I are leaving these two boys for the first time ever. We're heading for a much needed Las Vegas weekend getaway today. We've each been away from the boys for a few days before, but never together. I'm excited for the trip, but nervous and a little sad leaving my babies. Oh they will be fine, they will be with their two grandmothers, Grammy and Nana. I'm so grateful that our moms will both be here to help out. Grammy has been here for almost two weeks not, helping with birthday and Halloween, and giving me a chance to work on some projects of my own. She's been an immense help. And now she and Nana will be here to watch the boys full time. I know the boys will be fine. And I think once I'm on the plane sipping a cocktail I won't be giving it another thought either. But I've got butterflies right now in my tummy. I love these boys with all my heart and soul, and leaving them for 3 days is a bit like leaving and arm and half my heart behind. Hopefully Wayne Brady and the Bellagio view room, and some solo time with my partner in crime, will help me get past my nervous tummy!

(As a side note, Ty and Lisa, we will miss you guys so much on the trip. And be keeping Mimi in our thoughts.)


jimbroome said...

Hope ya'll have a great trip!
Love, OP

Debbie said...

Hope you guys had a great trip! It was well deserved.
Love you guys!

jimbroome said...

I hope ya'll won lots of money to share with OPLove ya'll

Sarah said...

umm, is that jackson's arm around holden??

Tales from the Crib said...

yup! underneath that "don't mess with me" exterior is a boy who absolutely loves his baby brother! I SO wish you could have seen that Jackson when you visited - he's the one I'm with MOST of the time!