Tuesday, November 11, 2008

post vegas stress syndrome

(I have more pictures to post, but my children are getting up from their naps/quiet time so I'll have to continue this post later...)

Shell-shocked by the idea of being child-free for 72 hours
Harrah'sShawn, pondering life in sin city
Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace
Shawn and his mojo
Me, delighted by the pools at the Bellagio
Shawn and I, outside at the Bellagio pools (I have no idea why my arm seems to be atrophied and stuck to my leg)
Shawn at the pool
Us, looking rather suspicious if you ask me
View from our hotel room. yes, from our room!

We are back from our Las Vegas whirlwind. Tummies aflutter, we boarded our plane...and honestly, didn't really think too much of home after that! Oh sure, if we saw something that reminded us of the boys, we commented on it. We called home daily to check on the goings on. But mostly we just enjoyed some "us" time, basking in the warmth of the Vegas sun...or was it the neon? Never you mind, it was a great trip. With the exception of our awesome friend Lisa and Tyler having to miss out on the festivities due to an illness in their family.

Shawn and I ate well, drank well, played well, and slept well. Oh who am I kidding, we were both up at 6:30 AM every single morning because, well, old habits die hard. But we did nap every day. And we stayed out late every night (as late as two old-foggie 35 year olds can do). And we indulged in food and drink to the hilt. We gambled all of $15. Yes, you heard right, big spenders indeed. We stayed in a lake-view room at the Bellagio - a to die for experience. We treated the Bellagio as our own personal cruise ship, very rarely leaving the confines of our gorgeous hotel. We did step out to enjoy Wayne Brady's hilarious show at the Venetian. And we took in the fascinating "Bodies" exhibit at the Luxor. And we popped in and out of most of the hotels on the strip, but mostly that was just to confirm how awesome our hotel was. The Bellagio is the ultimate in lux accommodations, and I think I'm spoiled now to stay anywhere else!

But the best part of the trip was stepping foot into our own house Sunday evening, greeted by the delighted and exuberant faces of our two precious boys. Sometimes it is good to get away to be reminded of how awesome it is back home.

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