Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I don't have a vintage picture today. But I have vintage story... 9 years ago today Shawn picked me at my house on Queen Anne, pulling up in his sweet Chevy Lumina, for our first date. We had a drink at TS McHugh's with TaShawna and Darron (T introduced us), saw "A Game of Love and Chance" at the Seattle Rep, and then finished off the evening at McMenamins for a light supper and lots of laughs with Robb and Lisa Pike. I was hooked from the beginning, and showed him as much by making the first move and planting a smoocher on his lips at the end of our first date. We've been pretty much inseparable ever since.

We've weathered lots of ups and downs in the past 9 years together, including buying our first house together, and our second house together; having two healthy, beautiful children, and the loss of our first baby early in my pregnancy; we've moved more times than I can count, including our emotional cross country move to Colorado from Washington; we've changed jobs and careers; made and lost friends along the way; and a million other things in between. But at the end of the day I love that man to pieces and I look forward to our continued lifetime together. A game of love and chance, indeed.

Happy 9 years honey. I love you to the moon and back.

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