Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, 2008.

There is just about nothing in this world sweeter than two little boys, over-the-moon-excited about Christmas. What a lovely, magical, exhausting day. Merry Christmas boys!

Christmas Eve, putting out cookies and reindeer food
Cookies, milk, Santa's letter
Christmas morning, heading downstairs to see what Santa brought
Stockings filled with goodies, with love from Santa
Seeing that he got exactly what he asked for (and the only thing he asked for): A Spiderman Scooter
A quick ride around the kitchen Christmas morning
A helmet far too big for his noggin
Already shredding it
Pure joy
Marbulous , beanbags and a Wii
(Grammy; Santa; OP & Cracker)Me, cooking the Turducken - a self portrait
(and yes, that is Shawn unloading the dishwasher - my man's a stud!)
Warm enough out to get a quick ride in (seriously, how can this be my baby??)
My 3 favorite guys in the world
Table set for Christmas dinner with our best pals, The Weik's
4 awesome kids: Jackson George, Allie, Jackson James, Holden

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