Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas comes to our house

Jackson and Mommy heading out for our date to the Nutcracker.
Jackson had a great time at the ballet. We had incredible box seats right by the stage - he didn't miss a moment. He was very much entranced by the music and dancing and costumes. I was entranced watching his excitement. His favorite part, as told to me by him, was the party scene...and the clapping. Oh boy, this kid can clap!

Christmas decorations make their appearance at our house

Snow makes its appearance in Colorado - at last!


Katie said...

You lucky lady! I envy your snow, as we're dry as ever in Idaho! Glad Jackson had fun! He's such a dashing little man.

Just wondering, what SLR camera did you get? We just bought one this weekend and I love what you do with yours, so I thought I'd ask!

Debbie said...

Oh, Emily is soooo jealous. She thinks now that it is December it should be snowing today!

anamamoose said...

Your tree is so pretty! :) Emily