Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lucky Me!

Life is crazy right now. The holidays always bring a sense of chaos to our family life -- lots of extra sugar will do that to little bodies. The kids have been wired, cooped up, and ready to stir the pot. I've felt a strong sense of needing to run screaming from my house more than once in the past few weeks. Thankfully I have my usual partner in crime, er, I mean parenting, to help me through the evenings when my head is really ready to explode (never mind that sweet man has been stuck in work-training all day long for 3 days straight). He is my saving grace.

That, and my Pentax. I love, love my Pentax camera. And I love love love love the new lens Shawn got me for an early Christmas gift. OK, actually I just said "I have to have it!" when I did some sample shots with it at the camera store. And he obliged. So to that end, I have also had the good fortune in the last week to get to do photo shoots for several of our friends and their kiddos. They are kind enough to let me fool around with angles and shots and try new things. Guinea Pigs if you will. In return they get some family shots for a song. And I'm lucky they provided such cute kids to photograph. Other people's kids. Not mine. That makes for a very stress free hour. Lucky me!

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The Russell Family said...

Impressive! The 3rd and 4th one are my favs. I noticed you did another one similar to #3 a couple days ago. I LOVE that idea! You are talented...SO very talented!