Friday, December 19, 2008

Too much to do, yet here I sit...

I have one million and three things I should be getting done. We are having an early Christmas with Nana this weekend before she flies to Buffalo to spend the holidays with Wendy and the kids and Grandpa. Aunt Janis and Uncle Al are joining us for brunch on Sunday. Christmas itself is 6 days away. Tonight is Jackson's holiday program at school. I'm working steadfast on the Hope For Kyra benefit (don't forget to get your tickets now!). The house needs a very thorough cleaning. Laundry is piled up for days. I haven't picked my menu for Sunday. The beds aren't made. The dishes aren't done. I see dust in places dust shouldn't be able to reach. And yet...Holden is napping (the first time all week), and Jackson is at school. And this morning was crazy and busy and slightly emotional. So I'm sitting at my desk (which needs desperately to be de-cluttered), uploading pictures from my camera, and sipping white tea. By myself. I think I've earned this. One hour of solitude for myself. Yup, that's my gift to me. Ho ho ho!

Some recent pictures of the boys:

Cookie decorating party at Jackson's school
Holden even got to participate -and he loved the hot cocoa!
...and the frosting
Jackson opening a treat bag from his classmate Sara
This face, oh my, I love it...

Cookie baking at home earlier this week:

crushing peppermints for Christmas CandyPeering into the camera
Yes, mom bought pre-made cookie dough. The best.
Finished goodies. The frosting is pink, yes, I know. Don't ask.
Cookies and Candy all in a row

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