Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Jackson and his Nana (Shawn's Mom), November 2004.

These two have been thick as thieves from early on. I love how much both of my sons adore their Nana. And how much she adores them. We are so fortunate that she lives so close to us now (this picture is when we still lived in Seattle), and that the boys both have such a great relationship with her. She and Jackson are especially close, and seem to have a bond that keeps them tight. I think because Jackson tends to remind her so much of Shawn as a kid. I love that. I am fortunate, too, to have such a caring and loving and generous mother-in-law. I hear too many complaints from various friend about their own mothers-in-law, and I almost feel guilty for having such a great one. Almost. This is the woman who gave me my amazing husband. How could I not love her to pieces?!

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