Friday, January 02, 2009

24 hour recap

We started the new year off with a bang - a big party with good friends in our neighborhood. 10 adults and 10 children. It was a wonderful way to welcome in the new year, good food, great friends, lots of laughs...

We ended the first day of the new year with Jackson in the ER for a bad case of the croup. Poor kid has been plagued by bouts of croup since he was an infant. We were at Sky Ridge for four hours, and after a hearty dose of epinephrine in the neb, a shot, and chest x-rays, they finally sent us home. Jackson and I watched the entire Sponge Bob Square Pants movie in our little ER room. Hearing him laugh out loud after a miserable day of not breathing well was worth the fart jokes that are sure to be repeated by my sponge of a child. Jackson also got to eat a double popsicle the doctor gave him - and didn't have to share. He was such a trouper and I was really super proud of him. At one point he started to gather up our stuff and told me "let's go home to Daddy and Holden now." Poor guy.

But his breathing stablized. His 104 degree temp came down. And his x-rays were clean. They sent us home. He snuggled with us on the couch and was asleep in seconds when we finally got him in bed around 10:00. He only woke once in the night, calling out for Daddy, who laid down with him the rest of the night.

Now he is happily playing Batman on the Wii. And he will be getting the Wall-e movie this afternoon for being so brave at the hospital. I'm thinking I didn't stress the healthy part of my new year's wish well enough. Here's to a happy, healthy new year.


jimbroome said...

So sorry to hear about Jackson. I hope he is feeling better. Give him a hug from OP


Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Dad. He's doing better. A little wheezy still, but on the mend. happy new year Dad!! xo

Pikette said...

Croup is the worst!!!!!!!!!!Hang in there and I hope it is smooth sailing the rest of the year.......and CROUP FREE!

Joey Veltkamp said...

ohmigosh. have no frame of reference, but i can't imagine ANYTHING worse than watching your child suffer. glad he's upswinging!