Monday, January 19, 2009

Guest Dad

This is an email I got from my Dad. He sent it to all of his siblings, as well as his daughters. I felt like it was perfect to share in my blog, so I hope Dad doesn't mind. I'm proud of what he wrote. I'm proud of my family. I'm proud of the beliefs and sense of honor that they instilled in me. My Dad immigrated to America as a young teenager. The dream his father had for him, is the same dream I have for my own children - freedom, independence, prosperity, tolerance and acceptance of all people, religions, and ideals. My Grandpa paved the way for the life we in our family all enjoy today. We are blessed.

"While sitting and watching some of the festivities as well as MLK programs, my mind floated back many years to other Presidential Inaugurations. My mind took me back to the election of 1960 and the Legacy of John F. Kennedy. I can remember how excited this country was to see and witness how a man like JFK could be life-like! His dynamic personality as well as his empathy for ALL people was so evident.(A far cry from the president who will be leaving office tomorrow!)

As my mind wandered to days of the past, one person kept popping up in my mind......Yes..........OUR DAD!
I could envision him and witness his pride in our new President. I know he would have been glued to the T.V.(or even been standing in Washington D.C.).

Then, I realized is January 19th..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He would have been 92 years old today. And I bet he would be just an avid reader as well as a caregiver to those who needed help. We should all be proud to come from that background. I wonder where we would be in our lives if not for our DAD!

I can still hear his loud laughter as well as his speaking style. When we were in church on Christmas Eve, I saw so many images of our dad......layreading and leading the prayers.

Please say a little prayer for our dad, as well as a prayer for our new President, Barack Obama.
I love you all,


Debbie said...

Some how I thought Dad's email might make the blog. Glad it did. It's funny how I think back on other innaugurations and I don't remember a single one. This one I know will always be in my mind and hope it will be in that of my children as well.

Tales from the Crib said...

I know, I don't remember being so excited for a new administration before. Though I remember when Clinton was elected in 92, I was a freshman at Tech. I think I was the only girl on the dorm floor who put up the "Clinton Wins!" announcement from the paper on her bulletin board. Once a liberal, always a liberal. :-)

Jackson kept saying "They are saying 'Barack Obama' on the TV Mommy!" I think J thinks Obama is a family member or something, so he was excited to see him on the TV.