Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids in the Tub

I haven't posted pictures of the kids in awhile. I've been too wrapped up in, well, life, I guess. I was editing some other pictures today and stumbled upon these of the kids in the tub a week or so ago. Nothing fancy. But who doesn't love a good kids in the tub shot?? Besides, my boys are cute, gotta show 'em off.

By the way, the last picture is red because Jackson specifically asked that I make it such, as red is his favorite color. I kinda like it. Hey, the kid's got an eye!


Kay said...

The tub shots (like your other photos) are divine.

And I must ask: Is that Lightning McQueen I see in the first picture? If so, you will have to reveal where you found a "Cars" bath toy. Evan is wild for McQueen, so much so that Noah says "Queen! Queen!" whenever he sees a car that remotely resembles the cartoon character.


Tales from the Crib said...

Lightening McQueen bubbles from Target! Santa brings them each a bottle every year in their stocking! Holden calls him "Cachow!" He got a Cachow scooter and helmet for Christmas, and a new Cachow jacket from his Grammy. They are wild about Cars!

Hope you and the boys are good!!

Katie said...

Love the pics! Your boys are so cute, dressed or nekked! And aren't all boys wild about Cars? Mine love them, but now have added WallE to the obsession! It's nuts over pixar movies at our house!

Kay said...

Amy -- I am heading to Target on Friday night So the bubbles will have to make it onto the list.

Oh, and Noah also says "Cachow" -- or simply "Chow" (which alternates with "Queen!"). Of course, his No. 1 love is Elmo, so Lightning McQueen has to play second fiddle.