Friday, January 23, 2009

Kindergarten Here We Come!

OK, so he's not starting Kindergarten until the fall, but we found out today that Jackson made the lottery cut for a fantabulous (yes, I made that up) public magnet school in our little town. It is very unique in its teaching style, and very engaging. There is tremendous parent involvement, teamwork is a school motto, and lots of "field study" (that could be anything from digging a hole in the dirt in the playground to explore what is found, to camping trips and field trips). The children are encouraged to ask questions, explore their thoughts, and work as a team. This school is all working together as a crew. I'm so ecstatic that he got in, and that Holden will be grandfathered in now as well. It's about as "granola" as we could get in our small town. And we are totally jazzed. Now I have to prepare myself to let him go to Kindergarten, and full day Kindergarten at that. At least I have7 months to prepare myself before the first day of school!


jimbroome said...

That's GREAT!
Way to go Jackson

jimbroome said...

Next thing, you will be sending Graduation Announcements!!!!!!!!!

Tales from the Crib said...

It's exciting. You wouldn't believe him reading Dad. I'm totally in awe (of course, I'm slightly biased). But he really can read pretty much any children's book you give him. Mom was reading to him tonight and was ecstatic!