Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Guy

Happy 36th Birthday to my guy. I love you shmoop. I hope this is a wonderful year for you!

36 reasons I love you:

1. you support our family 100%, allowing me to be an at-home-mama
2. you fix all of our computer problems
3. you believe in me
4. you love our boys more than anything else in the world
5. you are good to your Mother
6. you trust people
7. you are dead sexy, with the cutest ass ever
8. you are not a complainer
9. you drove a Chevy Lumina when I first met you
10. you know how to snowboard
11. you love peanut butter
12. you are a good friend to your pals
13. you are an amazing friend to me
14. you have a (slightly) higher credit score than me
15. you are careful with our money and you plan for our future
16. but you still buy frivolous things for me because you know I will like them
17. you helped me find my passion for photography
18. you play with our boys even when you have just had a long, exhausting day
19. you love coffee
20. you are the most selfless person I know
21. you do all the icky yard work I don't like, and you take out the garbage
22. you recycle, too
23. you want the best for me, our children, and our family
24. you gave me two beautiful boys
25. you want the best from this life
26. you protect us fiercely
27. I love your laugh
28. you are addicted (slightly) to the Batman game on the Wii
29. you love to eat as much as I do
30. you never hog the covers...or complain when I do
31. you are a great dancer, unbeknown to most people who know us
32. you call me every night to tell me you are on your way home from work
33. you still make me feel all twitterpaited
34. you are supportive of everything I do
35. you are gentle and strong and kind
36. You are the love of my life. Happy Birthday Honey, to the moon and back. xox


jimbroome said...

Love ya'll

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shawn!!!
Amy, you forgot to mention how he didn't kill your neice when she pulled all of the alphabatized CD's off the CD rack the first time they met. That was pretty amazing of him.
Love Ya'll,
Debbie, Ed, Allison, Micaela, and Emily