Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amo. Amas. Amat.

amo. amas. amat. amamus. amatis. amant.

Woo-hoo! Look who still remembers how to conjegate "Love" in Latin!!

I digress....

Of course I think Valentine's Day is total commercialism at its very worst. Of course I remember dreading the day with a passion when I was a sassy, single gal in the city. Of course it's just a day. But of course, being a mama, I defy all my Valentine's prejudices and do my very best to fill the day with pink, white, red and lovey-dovey-gooey-mush.

We started the "holiday" off with a double-shot of partying yesterday. Our playgroup met up for cupcakes, card making, air hockey competition, and mommy-gossip (I love my Friday playgroup mornings). After that, we were off to Jackson's Pre-K party where the kiddos feasted on apples, caramel sauce, red punch, and cranberries. Each child made adorable little bags to collect their Valentine's, and each kiddo then got to deliver cards to each bag. Holden even got to sit at the table next to Jackson and his best friend Avery for snack. Such a big boy! We capped off our evening by meeting Daddy for a Friday night dinner out. Such a treat for mommy - no dishes!!

This morning Jackson came padding into our room around his usual wake-up hour -- 6:30 AM. He informed me that his owie on his pinkie finger was all better and he did not need a Diego band aid any longer. I snoozily told him that was great. He then went and played by himself for another half an hour before we all rose from our cozy slumbers. We each had Valentines to open at the breakfast table, and Jackson and Holden munched on chocolates sent in heart shaped boxes from their so-sweet Grammy. Shawn and I agreed no gifts this year (because hello, it is totally a made up holiday and we're trying to buy a new house...!), but of course, neither of us obeyed. We surprised each other with a box of chocolates each. Great minds... (oh yeah, and we finished off the Little Debbie cakes last night after the boys were in bed).

The morning was spent preparing our house for our first Open House. We've had very little traffic on the house thus far, but it was a decent turn out for the Open House according to our agent. We shall ain't exactly a seller's market right now! But, while the Open House was going on, we had to skedaddle, so we took the boys to the Traildust Steakhouse for lunch. It's one of those restaurants where there is a gigantic slide for the kids to play on, and all the employees wear dungarees and say "howdy!" in a fake southern drawl. The food was awful. But at least the kids had a blast on the slide!

We finished off the afternoon by taking the boys to a movie. As there are very few kid-friendly movies out right now, we sort of had to scramble to find something to appeal to them. This search lead us to find a somewhat-nearby discount movie theatre. The four of us saw "Bolt!" for $3.75!!! Not each. TOTAL! The boys loved the movie, and so did Shawn and I. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie for that price. You can't even rent one for that! The Tiffany theatre may become our new family entertainment spot. Sure, it isn't the fanciest theater going, but it is old school style like the kind Shawn and I grew up going to, before the days of mega-cineplexes and $9 movies. It rocked. And more than made up for the overpriced food at lunch. "Bolt!" was such a cute film to boot.

Once we got home, the kids were wiped out. A big bubble bath was in order. Followed by the usual pre-bedtime meltdown that had unfortunately become tradition in our house. And eventually lights out. Shawn and I nibbled on chocolates and enjoyed an utterly clean and quiet house. Ahhhh....

And that is how we have spent our day of amo. Or is it amas?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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