Monday, February 16, 2009

Book Worm

At three months shy of five years of age, our little man is reading. Full on reading, not just memorization. Big words. Small words. Silent "e" words. Words with "igh" in them. He knows them all. I don't know when this happened. Or how it happened. Just one day we realized he could read. And he loves it (thank goodness). I wish I could take all the credit, but I don't think I can. I guess it is a combination of things, but more or less I just think it "clicked" for him one day and that was that.

Oh it's not like he'd give up playing superheroes mid-day to read a book. But he'd read the whole night through if we let him. Lately Shawn and I have been letting him read quietly in bed after we've done family stories and tuck in. He sits quietly in his bed reading as many books as we'll let him. Tonight I gave him free will to pretty much read as much as he wanted. No school tomorrow. And he slept late(ish) this morning. We tucked him and Holden in at 7:45. H was asleep in seconds. Jackson settled in for reading. I checked on him at 8:00. "Four more books, please!!?? No five!" 8:15. "Two more!" 8:30. He was curled up on the floor under his loft bed, hiney up in the air, sound asleep. I lifted him up to his bed and tucked him in. He whispered sleepily to me:

" I love you mommy. Thank you for putting me to bed. I'm soooo tired."

I love you, too, baby boy.

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jimbroome said...

Way to go JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!