Thursday, February 12, 2009

For the Love of Little Debbie

Well, after 9.5 years together, Shawn and I discovered something new about each other. You would think that many years as a couple we would know every nuance, every love and dis-love, every quirk and question, but this evening we both professed our unknown, mutual love... for Little Debbie snack cakes.

While helping Jackson pick out Valentine's Day cards at Target the other day, I noticed a lovely display of Little Debbie snack cakes, especially for Valentine's. Something about those sugary, pink, sweet hearts called out to me, and forced me to put a box of them into my cart. I like to listen to the little voices in my head as much as possible. So I obliged. And happily continued my shopping.

I can't remember the last time I ate a Little Debbie snack cake. Well over a decade. As a kid, Little Debbie cakes were a treat in our house. We rarely had them in our pantry. But when we did... oh boy. Something about that waxy frosting, the ultra-spongy cake, and the sweet fake whipped cream... I just loved them! It took all my willpower to not devour both cakes in a package, as we were restricted to one cake each, per snack-sitting. At least that is how I remember it.

Of course by the time I got to middle school, there were no lunchtime restrictions, since it was, well, middle school. We could eat what we want, and choose from a variety of snack choices. The favorite choice for most of my girlfriends and me was a .25c package of chocolate Little Debbie cakes, and a coke. Such health! I'm sure my mom had no idea that my lunch was so full of nutrition and nitrates.

When I was in college and worked at an after school daycare, I brought Little Debbie cakes on Fridays for my kids who went all week without time outs. That was 16+ years ago, before we worried about childhood obesity, and kids actually played outside, ran around, jumped rope, enjoyed the sunshine! And of course, all the leftover cakes went back with me to my dorm to devour during late night study sessions.

I guess somewhere between those college years and adulthood, I realized the utter unhealthiness of a Little Debbie cake, and stopped purchasing them. My metabolism really caught up to me after having children, and alas, Little Debbie's no longer made an appearance in my shopping cart. I passed by them in the snack isle, with a small longing, but kept looking ahead, towards fiber filled snacks and other such health food. Blah.

But those cakes just leaped into my cart the other day. And without realizing it, I had paid the $1.34 (they were .99c back in the day...) and walked out of the store. And tonight, when Shawn mentioned he was craving something sweet, I sheepishly mentioned there were Little Debbie Cakes hidden in the pantry. I waited for him to brush them aside, as he tends to be more of a health-freak than I, but he didn't say anything. Not for a moment. Then he took a package of cakes, happily opened their crinkly package, and popped a pink treat into his mouth, smacking away and declaring his utter love for the perfection that is -- Little Debbie.

And with that, this old married couple came upon a hidden truth about one another that we had not known before. Our mutual love of fake, sweet, ultra-processed cake. Love is in the air.


Leener said...

You are such a good writer! I loved this story.

Katie said...

Oh, sweet love stories! Love it!

My hubby has an affinity for Ding Dongs, if that didn't tell me anything, I wasn't looking hard enough!

Happy Valentine's Day Amy!

Tales from the Crib said...

Ah, Leener, thank you. We mamas gotta keep our minds sharp somehow, lol. Hope you and your 3 boys had a great love-day!

Katie - Ding Dongs rock!! Hope you and your boys had a great V-day!