Thursday, February 05, 2009

These are the days...

...we remember...

It has been so gloriously sunny the past few days, you would never guess it is the first week of February in Colorado! We are used to snow and ice and frigid temps around this time of year. But nope, it has been gorgeous and sunny, nearing 70 the past several days. So naturally I've gotten my cooped up boys out in that good old vitamin D as much as I possibly can. They both have desperately needed to run, jump, laugh, dig, hop, skip, twirl and shriek. And they have managed all of the above.

Today specifically we it a cool new local park with our pals Ms. Carissa, Charlotte, Lily, and baby Tripp. The sun shone brightly. The kids had such a wonderful time, and Carissa and I actually got to chat and catch up. Despite seeing each other every week at playgroup (along with our pals Gidget and fam, who are heading out of town this weekend), we just don't get a lot of true chit-chat time. We are usually scrambling around trying to make one of our 8 children happy, or making lunches, or pots of coffee, or referring a game, or whatever. But today the kids just played. And it was so fun to watch them. And to have catch up time. My playgroup Mamas mean the world to me. And I adore their kiddos as if they were cousins to my own kiddos.

It is days like today that make being a full time mama so worth it, so fun, so enjoyable. The kids were happy. I was happy. The sun shone. These are the days I hope to remember.

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