Saturday, March 07, 2009

And it started to snow...

When Shawn and I bought our very first home together, in Seattle (yes, I am talking about Seattle-my-beloved-city again) it snowed the day we found the home we wanted. It was probably the only reason we got that house. Houses in Seattle, especially in the early 2000's (or is it the early millennium?) went fast. VERY fast. They probably still do. And it wasn't unusual for there to be multiple, above price offers. Even bidding wars. But we got lucky. It was a snowy Sunday in Seattle. No one was out looking (the city shuts down when it flurries). And we snapped up that cute little 1930's cottage as fast as we could. The very next day 7 other offers came in. But we had already secured it. It was ours. And we loved that house to pieces. Well, not literally, last I saw it it was still standing, and not in pieces.

Fast forward three years later. When we bought our current house here in Colorado (and yes, I love Colorado, and I don't give it enough props), it was a snowy day. Not unusual in Colorado, of course, but it stood out to me then, and now, that it was snowing that day. We couldn't get a great view of the yard because of the snow. But we snapped up that cute little house as well. It wasn't as crazy of a housing market back in '06, but we wanted the house badly, and we were thrilled when we got it.

Alrighty, so fast forward again, three years. We have outgrown our cute little house. And we put it on the market in the crummiest housing market in decades. Decades. And it sold in 30 days! Hooray! We are still in the midst of inspection and appraiser and such, but the contract is signed, and I'm thinking as positively as I can that it is a done deal.

And so today we went house hunting for our long term, "dream house." We want the house that we are going to have until the boys are grown and out of the nest. That's a long, long time, but I'm sure it will fly faster than I can imagine. We actually started looking at houses last month, just shortly before we listed ours. We wanted to give our agent an idea of what we wanted, but not get to anxious in case our house took a long while to sell (not unusual in this over saturated market -- there are 5 versions of our exact house on the market right now!). And we found a house we loved. And it has been stuck in our head for the past 6 weeks. We have dreamt about it and driven passed it and obsessed over it. And today we went back to see it, along with a few others that we didn't see last time. Despite it's flaws (it's not the cleanest house on the block, and the paint colors are driving Shawn batty), it is still the house we have dreamed of and we want it. And as we looked over the beautiful walk out basement, it began to snow. And we knew, we knew, this was definitely it.

By the time we got to the other 3 houses on our list, the snow had stopped. It was brief. And I feel, it was just for us. It was our sign.

So we'll put an offer in this evening. We'll probably obsess about it for the next 48 hours or so, until we know it is ours. And then we'll obsess over inspection and all that jazz. But I have to feel strongly in my heart that this is going to work out. Because that house is ours. It just has to be. And we can't discount that falling snow. Our sure sign that it was meant to be. Wish us luck!


Debbie said...

Good luck!!!! Snow - it is about 80her and the good ole West Texas winds are blowing like you wouldn't believe. Ed says the perfect day to scalp the yard. The girls and I say its the perfect day to stay inside out of the dirt. Can't wait to see the house.
Love you,
P.S. Allison qualified for State in diving today - she is on cloud 9!!!! We are headed to Keller in April

Pikette said...

Hooray! That is so exciting! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!


Katie said...

Congrats on the sale, and good luck on the new house! Just remind Shawn that paint can be changed easily (says the co-owner of a paint store...haha). So excited for you!