Monday, March 23, 2009

Call me Email

Last night I decided to try reading a chapter book to Jackson. Nearing the big five, I think he's ready for something more in depth (I know I am). Problem is, I have packed up most of the boys' books, and I don't have a large selection of chapter books to choose from until we hit the library later this week. I DID, however, find a children's version of "Moby Dick" that must have been Shawn's when he was a child. It is very much "kidded down" to a kid level, and I skimmed through it quickly and decided it was ok. It's a good read, definitely grabbing his attention. He is very excited about chapters, and what is going to happen in each chapter -- mainly looking to see if this is the chapter Moby Dick actually shows up in. I think he's in for a long haul because as of chapter 6, there is no Moby Dick yet. Though we have had a whale killing (sorry PETA) so that satiated him some. He's a boy, there is a built in gene that seeks out gore, so this book really isn't phasing him too much in that category.

Overall he seems truly captivated by the story; and doesn't seem bothered that pictures are few and far between. He was curious about whale blubber being used to light lanterns, and the fact that there was no electricity long, long ago. He really seems to "get" what is going on in the story. Since I haven't read "Moby Dick" all the way through in decades, I am hoping the ending isn't as gruesome as I fear it might be. But I'm committed to finishing the book with him, and I love love love that he is showing such a strong interest in a book that is less pictures and more words!

The few pictures that are scattered throughout the book are more sketches than anything. They are all fairly similar -- grungy men, waiting on a big ship, looking for whales. Specifically, Moby Dick. But the highlight of the evening came when Jackson stopped me to ask if one of the sketches was Email. Email? I was confused. Until I realized he was referring to Ishmael. Ishmael. Email. This boy is still very much grounded in the 21st century I would say. No whale oil lanterns for him on his birthday this year!

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