Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm no athlete

This isn't a poignant post boys. I just thought I would put it out there to you two that there is absolutely nothing athletic about your mama. If either of you has inherited even an ounce of athleticism (and I'm fairly sure I see many Saturday morning's spent on a ball field in my future), then know flat out you got it from your Dad. Dad who was a BMX nationally ranked champ. Dad who played football on into his college years. Dad who ran track like a speed demon. Dad who even now can ride his bike for hours on end without asking "can we go home now?" Dad who never ever even talks about his past in the arena of sports. Dad who rarely even watches "the game" when it is on because he'd rather spend that time playing with you two crazy kids. Dad. That's where you're gonna get your muscles from. Though, I should add, I was the ping pong champion of the 10th grade 1st period PE class, along side my best pal Brandy. So yeah, I guess if you have any ping pong abilities you DID get those from me.


jimbroome said...

O.P. was a fairly good, rugby, swimming, cricket, boxing, etc. Love you all

Tales from the Crib said...

True Dad, true. I have the picture of you on the swim team in England on our photo board, so they know OP was quite the athlete. Maybe this summer when we visit you can help get your grandson his swimming legs.