Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish

I'm not Irish. I'm not Catholic. I don't even really know a whole lot about Saint Patrick and what he did. I have read that he wasn't even Irish. He was captured as a slave from Britain and taken to Ireland. And there were some snakes and burned books involved somehow. I don't like either of those. And what Leprechauns and shamrocks have to do with today is really beyond me as well. Maybe I'm ignorant (no need to respond to that, it was rhetorical), but I would surmise if you asked a group of 100 individuals what St. Patrick's day is truly about, from a historical and religious perspective, 98 of them would be as clueless as I am. I do know you are supposed to drink green beer today. I'm plum out of that, so I'm having a diet coke instead.

So I really don't know what today is all about. But I will tell you this, my son is ecstatic about it. Yesterday at school there seems to have been some chaos brought on by a mischievous Leprechaun running loose in the Pre-K classrooms. Apparently while the children were out on the playground, the little green guy came to their room, messed it up and left a trail of Lucky Charms behind. Ms. Char was pretty peeved about the mess, but when she realized the children of her class were not responsible, they all decided to follow the trail of marshmallow cereal (which I'm sure originated in Dublin). The cereal lead them all to a mound of chocolate gold coins, left behind by a silly little Leprechaun! One coin for each child. What luck!

Jackson has now repeated this story to anyone who will listen. He's told me and his father twice. He's really mystified by the whole experience. So this morning while he and I were eating breakfast, he noticed no less than 5 mini-rainbows sparkling on our kitchen walls. No doubt they were caused by light reflecting on the walls at just the right moment. But it certainly gave him pause. And me, too, to be honest. He was certain a Leprechaun was hiding somewhere in the house. Well I dare not ruin his complete and utter awe, so though I am not Irish or Catholic or have any intimate knowledge of today's holiday, I secretly scrounged up some gold coins left over from some party the boys attended, and discreetly sprinkled them beside the back porch door.

Well you can imagine Jackson's surprise at discovering the treats by the door a few moments later. He was certain a Leprechaun had indeed made his way from school to our house to continue his mayhem. Within moments of discovering the chocolate coins by the door, the light must have shifted and the rainbows were gone. I admit a little awe from me went with it. I have never noticed rainbows on our walls before. I suppose because I'm not usually looking for them. Or because I don't have the imagination of a child. But three years in this house and never a rainbow have I seen. Until today. What luck!

But the real question that remains is, can I blame my messy house on that rascally Leprechaun??!

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Debbie said...

I'm using that excuse.