Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What makes mama roll

So yeah, pretty much the point of me blogging is so that my boys have something to look back on to remember their childhood. To know what our day to day life was like. To see what a spaz their mom was (is). To know how lucky we were (are) to be their mama and daddy. And because I can't come to grips with pre-made baby books, and scrapbooking just didn't work out for me. So here it is. Their past.

So boys, today I give you a little summary of all things that I currently love, adore, can't live without. Because that's how your mama rolls.

  1. You two boys
  2. Your Daddy
  3. Taking pictures
  4. Daydreaming about our new house (still no word on our offer...groan)
  5. Quiet time
  6. The sound of your sweet voices when you are giggling together in secrecy
  7. Watching you play together
  8. Fiber One Bars - Peanut Butter
  9. Watching "The Office" and "30 Rock" with Daddy, after you two are in bed
  10. Reading books with you two
  11. Jackson reading books to all of us, and Holden chiming in with the words he knows
  12. Hearing people say good things about you two boys
  13. Toile
  14. The color green, and pink
  15. Aquaphor Lotion
  16. Singing songs while we are all driving in the car
  17. Going to the park
  18. Crisp air that hints at Spring
  19. Open windows, for #18
  20. Photoshop
  21. Babies
  22. My babies
  23. Talking to one of my sisters...never often enough
  24. My awesome parents
  25. Reading blogs, especially those related to photography
  26. Waking up next to the love of my life (except the nights he sleeps on the couch because one of us is snoring)
  27. Making something old and un-useful, new and useful
  28. Baking cookies for you boys
  29. Holding your hands
  30. Big Blue Eyes
  31. Big Brown Eyes
  32. Watching you play, run, jump, move, breath, love, hug, dance
  33. Kisses from any of my 3 favorite guys
  34. Remembering where I came from
  35. Remembering where I've been
  36. Looking forward to where I'm going
  37. Being in the moment
  38. Tomatoes, Basil and fresh mozzarella
  39. Reading
  40. Turning up the music really loud and dancing with you two boys
  41. Having friends
  42. My computer
  43. Crisp, white paint
  44. Slightly weathered, black painted furniture
  45. Singing really loudly
  46. Snuggling with you two boys
  47. When Holden sleeps late (sorry Jackson, you never do)
  48. Hearing Jackson playing quietly in the morning so Daddy and I can sleep in
  49. French Fries are my favorite food EVER
  50. I also love fruit
  51. You two boys. Did I already mention that?

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jimbroome said...

Amy! That is FABULOUS!
Love You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!