Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Angels Amongst Us

Jackson: Mommy, when someone dies, and they become an angel, do they then come back to earth and become a baby again?

Wow. Such a thought provoking moment from my almost 5 (5!) year old. We've talked briefly about death before, and the idea of angels. I try and answer his questions as they come up, but I don't always have the answers. How do I tell him that at the age of 35 I'm still pondering all of this myself? I told him that some people believe that angels do come back again as babies, and some people believe angels stay in heaven. And some people don't believe in angels at all. But that it was his choice to decide what he believed, and how lucky he is to live in a place and a time when he can make those decisions for himself. He told me he thinks angels are in our house right now, watching over us, he can almost feel them. I told him I completely agree.

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