Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blizzard '09

So very much to catch up on, but just about too tired to commit to all the details. In short: Friday we closed on our new house! Much excitement. The event was almost derailed by a crazy mid-April (mid-April!) blizzard which struck Colorado Thursday evening and lasted until early Sunday morning. We feared we might miss the closing, but it happened and we are now officially the proud owners of a new house (or to phrase it more correctly, we are the proud owners of a mortgage!). And the snow kept tumbling down...

Saturday was a massive barrage of big, fat wet flakes. The town was covered in a blanket of the heaviest snow I've ever seen. It was like icing dripping off of a cake, it was so thick. But not so thick that I couldn't make it to my 9AM hair appointment - priorities! We managed a few trips to the new house to drop off some unwieldy items, and I shampooed the carpets. The boys ran around like crazy, wild monkey, but were both too afraid to go down to the basement by themselves (it is a finished walk out, NOT scary, but they saw a tiny - dead- spider and that was that).

Today was more running back and forth with loads of stuff to drop off, and more cleaning. The boys were not as into running. Holden had a temperature from an oncoming cold, and Jackson was having an ornery day. He and time-out enjoyed one another's company quite a bit. But poor Holden took a short nap on the floor of his new room, and then cuddled up next to one of us the rest of the afternoon. The storm stopped by today and the 30+ inches of snow were quickly melting into the run off behind the new house. Everything looked lovely and fresh and ready for our new beginning (except of course my sick babe who just wanted to crash).

Much more to do in the upcoming week. More unwieldies to take to the new house. More cleaning. Painters coming. Cleaners coming. Gotta finish packing. Gotta get address changes done. Then there's soccer and school and gymnastics and Shawn's work and getting the old house cleaned up and Jackson's birthday is coming up and I'm working on some crib tales photography stuff, and hopefully Holden will be feeling better, and blah blah get my point. BUSY! Very little blogging to come this week. But hopefully in the weeks ahead pictures of the new house, attitude adjustment from the almost-5-year-old, a well toddler, and sanity for mama and daddy.

Snow, half way through Saturday's storm
Snow on the trees
View from our (old) back yard - about half way through the storm
Sickly Spiderman

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