Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Guest Blogger - Grammy!

Since this blog is written for my boys, I asked my Mom to chime in as a guest blogger today. I want the boys to get an idea of what their family roots are. How deep the love in our family goes. Mom kindly obliged. I specifically asked her to include a little bit about her parents, my Granny and Grandpa. I never knew Mom's dad, my grandfather, as he passed away suddenly before I was born. So it was nice for me to get to read her words about her Daddy as well. And my Granny, well, she was such an amazing, special woman in my life. She passed away 2 years ago, shortly after Holden was born. She was dear and kind, and all the other wonderful things Mom writes about below. I miss her.

I'm glad to introduce my Mother, Susie as today's guest blogger! And be at the ready, I plan to ask various family members to contribute over time, so you may be the next one I ask!

"Johnnie and Ella"
from Susie Reue Broome, aka Grammy

Johnnie Reue was your great-grandfather, Grammy's daddy. When he was a baby, he had light blond hair like both of you boys and brown eyes like Holden. He grew up on a farm in South Texas and had lots of animals around him --horses, cows, mules, chickens, pigs, cats and dogs. The farm was far from town, so he walked to a country school or rode a horse when he was older. He didn't have any brothers or sister, until he was older, and his parents took in three sisters, who were cousins, and whose mother had died.

When he was grown and left home, he was 6 ft l in. tall and his hair had turned brown. He took some business courses at a Jr. college and later became manager of J.C.Penny Co. stores and then his own clothing business. During this time he was best man in a wedding and met Granny, who was the Maid of Honor. They fell in love and married and several years later they had 3 daughters. The middle girl was Grammy.

We moved to a small town in West Texas and Johnnie still loved animals and let us have a horse, a sheep, chickens, cats and dogs, even if we lived in town. He was a wonderful daddy and taught your Grammy to ride a bicycle, ride a horse, drive a car, and how to dance. I wish you could have known him and he would have known you boys. He would be so proud of you and interested in all that you do. He was long, tall Texan but was loving, king and gentle.


Ella Jahnke, Granny, was your great grandmother and was Grammy's mother. When she was a little girl, she also grew up in South Texas, but she lived in town in a big house with lots of aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, but no brothers or sisters. She has several cousins close to her age, like Emily is close to Jackson's age. They all lived in the same town when they were little, and visited a lot when the cousins moved away. Granny was very smart and liked to read a lot and play around the neighborhood with her best friend who lived across the street. It was safe for them to play around the town yet relatively close to their house.

When Granny was older she went to Jr. college in Brenham for 2 yrs and then to the University of Texas for 2yrs before graduating and teaching in a small college herself. During this time, she met Johnnie Reue and they traveled back and forth for a year before marrying and moving back to Brenham. Great Aunt Jodi was born there and then they moved to Greenville, Tx, close to Dallas, where Grammy was born. Finally they moved to Floydada Tx., Where your Great Aunt Bobbie was born.

Granny loved children, music, flowers, books, the Bible, and people in general. She taught school when all her daughters were in school and later went back to college to become a school and church librarian. At her home, she always had books for all ages of children, a collection of crafts, and dress up clothes. She loved talking to people and always made people fell they were important and that she was interested in them. She would have loved to hear Jackson read to her and be able to read to Holden. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, and lady and was greatly loved.

Ella and Johnnie


Kimi said...

That made me shed a few tears! That was great to read! Mom is quite the blogger!

Tales from the Crib said...

me too! Maybe mom should start keeping a blog!

Debbie said...

Great job Mom!!! I finally found the website and am playing catch up.