Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

chaos from above
chaos at ground level
sick baby boy
mad scientist
(he's "playing scientist" with a bucket of water and some medicine droppers - clever mommy if I do say so myself)
chaos up close

Ah yes, it has been a week since my last post. Much goings on in the past week. Insanely busy week. But we are at last moved into our new home. The home, I pray, we will be in for the long run. I've never felt like any home we have lived in thus far was 'for the long run' but I definitely feel that about this house. It has so much we want, love and need. There is more space than we even know what to do with. It is perfect. Well, almost. It needed (needs) some work. But we have jumped in with all the fervor two mid-30-something's-with-two-sick-children can muster. Yes, that's right. Two sick youngsters. NOT the best way to christen a house, but alas, they both christened it with gusto. blech. But other, better improvements have also come along...

Paint - for the new house. Love it. Well, like it, learning to love it. Sometimes change is difficult when you get cozy with your old ways. But fresh is good so I'm learning to love a color I wasn't so sure about. It certainly beats the butterscotch color that covered the walls prior. It is sort of a soft gray color, with some brown overtones. Learning to love it. Check. There is also a soft yellow in our bedroom - I thought it was cream. It isn't. But I'm learning to love it, too. And I do love how light and airy it is. I'm itching to decorate! Red in Jackson's room, per his request. Darling. Blue in Holden's room, per his request. Precious. The rest of the previous colors have stayed. I love the spring green of my office (my office!). I think the boys' bathroom is absolutely perfect. And I can live with the walk out basement color for a bit, since it is brand new though not of our choosing (again with the butterscotch...).

And on to Cleaning. This house needed the deepest cleaning you can imagine. There was a thick layer of 8 year old dirt and grime that we had to see through in order to see the true beauty of this house. But we could see it. It was there. But it was more than I could have handled on my own with two small children in tow. We hired a cleaning company. It took them 8 hours to clean the house. 8 hours. Yes, that is how filthy it was. And no it wasn't a foreclosure (though they asked me if it was because they said they had never cleaned one house for as long as they cleaned ours - lucky us). It was just really dirty. That was the best money we spent thus far on the house, bar none. If you need a really top notch cleaning crew, I know of one. They were amazing.

And then there was the move itself. We hired movers. I can say nothing to that except we are far too old to move ourselves or to expect our friends to pitch in and help us move our stuff. The days of owning 6 boxes and a fold out couch are long behind us. A moving company is the only way to go. They got the job done lickety split, and were polite to boost --but seriously, I'm not so old that I should be referred to as "ma'am" am I??? I guess not.

And that is that. We have unpacked boxes. Made a trip to Lowe's. Have another trip planned. The Internet is up and running (obviously). Cable is up. We have shoddy cell phone coverage. Apologies for that. Furniture is in place. I'm working on window coverings. Brainstorming decorating ideas. Doing loads and loads of laundry. Oh yes, I have a new washer and dryer! Shawn's cleaning things that even the cleaners couldn't get to. We've met a few of the neighbors. The boys are adjusting (though they are cranky to the nth degree, which I'm attributing to getting over illness and the complete craziness of moving) And life, as they say, is moving forward.

Home Sweet Home. I love it.


CharleyJax said...

Congrats on the new place! It looks beautiful, albeit chaotic. I hope the boys get well soon, and I do love your "scientist" idea. May have to steal that one!

Anonymous said...
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jimbroome said...

The hose looks GREAT, Amy! ya'll done good!

jimbroome said...

I mean HOUSE!!!!!

Tales from the Crib said...

actually, ironically, the Lowe's guys broke one of the hoses on my new washer and have to come back for a repair. blah.

Thanks Dad! Come for a visit!!!!!

Kimi said...

Congrats on te new house! Can't wait to see it! Maybe I can make a trip this summer. We will see how things work out.

Tales from the Crib said...

Would LOVE that Kimi!

Debbie said...

Congrats on the house. Can't wait to see it in person. We'll see how the summer goes. Hope everything calms down soon.
Love Ya'll,