Thursday, May 07, 2009

And the Grammy goes to...

We have had a wonderful week long visit with Grammy - aka my sweet southern mama. My boys had so much fun playing with her and reading books with her. There were many, many games of "Hungry Hippo" played, and lots of laundry folded (thank you Mom!!!). Shawn and I got not one but TWO date nights out! (woo-hoo!) I got a ton of boxes unpacked. OK, not a ton, that would be exaggerating my unpacking skills because I do tend to easily get sidetracked... But I got a lot done. Mom was so helpful to me, and she put up with me even when I was snippy which I often get under times of stress and mom seems to always visit us during times of stress -- her last visit was when I was planning Kyra's fundraiser; prior to that was for our first solo trip away from the boys last fall, you get my point. My mom puts up with a lot from me. And I'm ever, ever so grateful to her. She makes a very long drive from Texas 4-5 times a year, and I can't thank her enough for all she does for us. Happily we were able to finally offer her her very own bedroom and bathroom for her visit. She is no longer isolated to a tiny hall closet and a made up bed on the couch! I think having a guest room and bath is one of my very favorite parts of the new house.

Thank you again Grammy for all your help and your company. We loved having you here to celebrate our new house and Jackson's 5th birthday!

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