Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Break

I've been out. Apologies. I probably will continue to be out, or at the least sporadic. You might catch a few posts on my photography blog as I have a good schedule of shoots for this month and next. But on a personal note, Jackson has a most heinous, raging bout of croup complete with double eye infection. Two trips to the Dr in two days time. He is sad and sick and not a good patient (his meds are icky and I do not blame him one little bit). But he is a trouper, and I hope that he will be better very, very soon. It is hard to hear my little boy gasping for his every breath and not be able to do anything to fix it immediately, beyond meds and nebs and love. Little H is just tagging along for the ride - watching lots of TV, playing board games, reading books. Not much fun for either of them, truly, but better days ahead. We are also coping with a very, very sad time in Shawn's family. I don't think I can share too much, it is too emotional right now, but please if you are a praying person and you are reading this, or if you can even just spare some good thoughts or ju-ju, our family could really use them. And please remember your blessings, how big they are, how grand, and how fortunate you are to have them.



Clover said...

You've got it. Hope things are brighter soo.

Pikette said...

We are thinking about you all and Shawn's family too. Lots of love coming your way.