Friday, May 22, 2009

The Graduate

This kid - five and smart as heck - graduates from Pre-K today. We could not be prouder of him, and how much he has grown and learned over the past 2 years of Pre-school. I feel like, in so many ways, it was just yesterday that I was going out trying to find the *perfect* preschool for him. And I was worried about so many little things that now, in retrospect, seem a little silly. Naturally as a parent you just want the very best for your child. And I feel like I got that for my son. Ms. Char and Mrs. Alicia have been amazing. I know he got the very best teachers he could have possibly gotten. They encouraged his love of learning, sending home extra books for him to read. They nurtured his spirited behaviour, and helped him learn to control his emotions and outbursts. They have been patient and kind and caring and firm. All things my sweet son needs.

And as for Jackson, well, he is as ready as can be for the next step. He asks daily when he can start Kindergarten. I hope he will always have this love for learning that he has right now. He wants to know the answers to everything, and "I don't really know" won't suffice. Recently he told me to look it up on the computer when "I don't know" wasn't a good enough answer for him. Pretty soon I can tell him to go look it up on the computer. Won't that be a change!?

...But for now, sweet buddy, just know how very proud of you we are. And that we simply cannot wait to see what your future in education holds. You are as bright as can be, and the world is whatever you want it to be. The future is all yours. We love you, to the moon and back!

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