Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Begins

OK, so summer is not officially here for like another month, but we heard the first ring of the Ice-Cream Truck for this year, and the boys quickly raced to their banks to dig out a few coins. A few coins indeed. $1 will buy you the cheapest ice-cream bar the truck carries - definitely not the Spiderman Pop or Superbomb the boys both coveted, but who knew the recession also reached the Ice-Cream man. They settled on cotton candy swirl bars because, well, that's what they could afford, and they happily ate them under the eaves of the porch. Bring on the sunshine!


Katie said...

Oh, so jealous you have an ice cream truck! But then, my boys would be nuts whenever they heard it coming! And may I say how good looking your boys are! And Jackson is looking so grown up, it's a little scary since Ethan's not far behind in age! Have a great week!

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Katie! I always love it when you "stop by" for a visit! Yes, they are growing SO stink'n fast I can't stand it. The ice-cream truck... it is a mixed blessing. BUT the boys know that we don't buy it for them every time it comes by. They can use their own money for it from their piggy banks, but they have to move quickly. We occasionally treat them, but only a couple of times a summer. Somethings they definitely whine about but thus far (knock wood) getting ice-cream from the truck isn't one of them. It is a total treat when they do get it though!

Debbie said...

The other day the ice cream truck came down the street and too many times have the girls heard me say no, this time they ran to their dad and he handed over a 5 dollar bill. When they ran back in with 2ice cream bars and no change he was a little shocked. I got to say "told you so".