Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yes. I'm tired.

I was talking to (one of my many friends named) Lisa today. We don't see each other near often enough yet we only live half an hour or so away from each other. It's nuts. Lisa and I go way back in that we share a niece and nephew by her brother in law and my sister in law. How 'bout that math!? Also, Lisa and her hubby Robb went to dinner with Shawn and I on our very first date night - in Seattle. And now they live in Colorado, too! They are like family to us, and I'm bummed we don't make the connection to see each other more often, life just gets way, way busy. And I am seeing them in 2 weeks when our mutual friend Heidi comes to CO from WA with her cute little family. But that's another story. In fact it all is another story. The reason I'm writing this is because Lisa asked me with everything that we have going on -- moving with two small children (who were sick), coaching soccer, photo shoots, Jackson's school and gymnastics, etc, etc am I not exhausted?! The answer is: yes. I'm absolutely exhausted. Especially after last night - Jackson got sick, maybe from his 5 year shots? - and was up all night barfing. So Shawn and I were of course up all night with him. 4 changes of sheets - 'nuff said.

I feel right now like every night when the kids are finally tucked into bed (and that has been no small feat - they both are anti-bedtime right now), I feel like collapsing. Yet there still seems so much to do that collapsing gets delayed. I know Shawn feels the same way, possibly even more so considering he's putting in long days at work, too. We are just t.i.r.e.d. When I look at my eyes they are bloodshot and the crow's feet are turning into ostrich feet. My shins hurt from standing so much every day. We are running around like mad. We are still unpacking. And decorating. And working on 16 other projects for the house. Etc. Etc. Yes, Lisa, you hit it on the nose, I'm tired.

But I think this is going to be life for now. Constantly on the go. We just have to find a way, as a family, to balance that. It was one of the many reasons I wanted to be an at-home-mama in the first place. But that was also when I was naive enough to picture a less chaotic life if I was home with my children. How's that for funny.


Beki said...

Amy, WHAT do you mean you're tired??? You know you sit around eating bon-bons all day. It is amusing when you think about what you "thought" being a stay-at-home mom would be like, isn't it?! =)
Hang in there. Just like with the kids, I try to look at these times in my own life as "just a phase." I'm in a similar phase, though not nearly as wild. --Beki

Tales from the Crib said...

Beki I think of you often when H is driving me bananas 'cause you have TWO of him, lol.

Debbie said...

One day you will look back and these days and miss them. They seem to be slipping by so quickly. Lots of lasts. Hang in there. Love ya'll!