Sunday, June 21, 2009


See this guy? Yeah, that one. He's the guy on the playground who all the kids clamber and climb upon. He's the one making ALL the kids squeal with laughter and giggles - not just his own. He's the one who is thick in the middle of the ruckus having a ball alongside every other kid on the playground. He was made for this earth to be a Daddy. That much I know is true. When I first met him I knew pretty much right away he would be an incredible husband and partner. I didn't know what kind of Daddy he would be, but I had my suspicions he would be that guy. The guy all the kiddos want to run around with and play with and giggle with. The guy who also, at the end of the day, tucks in both of his boys with a story or three, a kiss and a hug, and one last giggle before the lights go out.

Happy Father's Day Daddio. You are so that guy.

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