Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Morning Queries

Seeing as how I have a child who loves to wake up very, very early, and has since the day he was born (yeah, I'm talk'n about you Jackson), it isn't unusual for him to pad into our room at the crack of dawn with attempts at waking us up. As he has gotten older, he's actually taken to caring for himself in the early morning hours. He can go potty by himself (obviously). He can go downstairs, turn on PBS Kids or Playhouse Disney. If he has milk from the previous night in the fridge he can even get his own beverage. This surge of independence has made for much happier mornings in our house. Jackson gets to watch a little T.V., Shawn and I get to snooze a smidgen past 6am on the average morning. Holden rests peacefully until a more humane hour of 7:30-8am most mornings (thank you God for at least one child who sleeps late!!).

Occasionally he does still come into our room with a query or a request. He still occasionally begs one of us to get up and play with him (usually Daddy, ha ha!). He will ask for breakfast if he is especially hungry. He may ask when we plan to get up and join him in his early morning frivolity. But the early morning questions are often random and unexpected. Earlier this week I slowly opened my eyes to discover him hovering over my head, waiting for me to wake. "Hey buddy..." I said, sleepily. His reply: "Mommy, is a carrot a fruit or a vegetable?" "Veggie" I replied wearily, noticing the clock stated it was still quite early in the 6:00 hour. "OK" he replied and off he went. And that was it. Just curious about which food group carrots fell into. You know, the typical question that comes to one at that early hour of the morning. Bless him.

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