Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Ride

Remember when this kid first got this bike? It was just over a year ago. He went through several phases of being too scared to even ride it... with training wheels on. But the soft whisper that when he was five he might want to try it without training wheels was often in his ear. Not pushing, just suggesting. Once he proclaimed to me that he would not ride his bike sans-training wheels until he was forty years old! Imagine that! Well just this past week he started dropping hints that maybe he'd like to give the no-training wheels thing a try sometime. By Saturday he was practically begging to have a go at it. We were so proud of him for even wanting to try it. This child is brave only to a certain point, then stability rules. But he wanted to try it and by golly we were willing to give it a go!

Shawn and he removed his training wheels. Suited him up with helmet and knee and elbow pads. Gave him a quick pep talk. And they were off. Quickly they built up to the eventual letting go of the handlebars. He was excited and brave and beyond proud of himself. So were we! Within 15 minutes or so he was riding free, with Daddy trailing very close behind. I admit to a major lump in my throat at watching this big step unveil itself. Another constant reminder of how big my baby boy is getting. And what a spectacular child he continues to prove himself to be.
Training wheels removed
Pep talk from Daddy; safety gear in check.
A quick guided ride

Preparing to let go...
Major glee on his face -- he's doing it!
No help! Look at his concentration...
You're doing it! I love Shawn's face on this one!
A little fear passes across his face...
Check him OUT!
Total glee!

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"Tour de France" next stop..........