Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Hours

Shawn's on summer hours at work. Meaning his company gives him every-other-Friday off during the summer. How cool is that? Seeing as how his vacation days are few and precious, this is something we really look forward to in the summer months. We decided to "play tourist" in our own city this past Friday.

When we moved from WA my friend Jen gave us a very cool book called "Fodor's Around Denver with Kids." That book has been indispensable in helping us find fun things to do with our kiddos, well, around Denver, for the past 4 years. And as Holden gets bigger, the doors to "fun" are opening even wider. We opted to hit the "Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum." The museum was filled with airplanes, rocket ships, and all things flying-related. The boys were wowed by the enormity of the planes. But more than anything they wanted to play in the single pretend cockpit the museum offered. Shawn and I were both a bit surprised they didn't have more touch-and-feel exhibts at the museum. It was an expensive museum, more so than it should have been. The exhbits were amazing; had we not been with our children we probably would have enjoyed reading about every single artifact the museum offered. But space and flying appeal greatly to kids, and honestly they needed to cater to their audience a bit better. Everyone there was with a child. The boys really wanted to at least be able to look inside some of the cockpits, maybe try one out (not just a mock one). So after about an hour our kiddos pretty much lost interest and we ended up at a park for a picnic lunch. It was a fun way to spend the day with the kiddos and Daddy. Though I think we could have just visited our own local park for a picnic and daddy-playtime, and the boys would have been just as happy!

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