Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Web!

Spiderman is big in our house. HUGE. Whereas at the age of 2.5 Jackson was way into Bob The Builder and Thomas the Train, Holden sort of bypassed that brand of toddler entertainment thanks to his older brother's increasing obsession with super heroes -- Spiderman in particular. Much to my mother's chagrin (and maybe others out there who agree with her that they are a tad on the violent side, I don't see it), both boys have seen all 3 Spiderman flicks (with varying opinions on which is the best), and patiently await the release of a fourth (oh please oh please...). I don't put superheroes up there on the "cute" scale - not like Bob or Thomas. But they are fun to imitate in pretend play, and there's nothing cuter than seeing this cute little fellow fling his arms out pretending to shoot out a spider's web and proclaim to one and all "GO WEB!"

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Debbie said...

"It's web slinging time!" I am sure going to miss this.
Aunt Debbie